Elm Tree, Sutton on Ashfield, Extension

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(Sutton in Ashfield Nottingham, One story Extension and kitchen renovation )



Project Manager

Site Supervisor

Supply Chain Manager

Delivery Programme Period

Contract Value

Project Number

Elm Tree Rd, Ashfield, NG17 8FG

Ashfield District Council

Svijet Saulav

Pawel Zewczuk

George Hunter

July – December



Location: Elm Tree Rd, Ashfield, NG17 8FG

Client:Ashfield District Council

Project Manager: Svijet Saulav

Site Supervisor: Pawel Zewczuk

Supply Chain Manager: George Hunter

Delivery Programme Period: July – December

Contract Value:£61,000

Project Number: PRO-4563

Despite the fact that there were challenges at certain stages of the project, they were resolved promptly and errors were rectified. For instance, I recall the time when an issue with drain inspection chambers had been solved, when one of the first workers took a long time to complete his work, preventing the completion of other jobs. As a result, a new worker was deployed straight away, allowing the completion of the initial jobs without delays and getting back to the original construction schedule. Also, please note that bedroom, bathroom and kitchen renovation is proceeding well. I am pleased to be following your schedule and pleased with all of your management decisions”

Client feedback

Elm Tree

Sutton in Ashfield - Nottingham - One storey extension and kitchen renovation

The Challenge:

The Ashfield District Council has put out a request for proposals for a project that would involve modifying a semi-detached property to accommodate people with disabilities and adding a single-story back extension. The council was on a mission to find a skilled builder who could finish the project according to standards and within budget, as it was under pressure from outside agencies to provide accommodations for disabled people by a certain date. British Builders was chosen by Ashfield Council because of our proven ability to complete projects on time and under budget.


The Solution:

Two teams cooperated in order to expedite the process without compromising quality or safety in order to meet the council’s strict budget and deadline. The second group worked evenings and weekends to expedite the process. In addition, in order to prevent work interruptions and delays, all materials and equipment had to be delivered to the project site prior to its commencement.  The work consisted of:

Preparation: Scaffold was erected, waste skips parked, material delivered and stored safely, CCTV put in operation. Welfare facilities installed onsite and H&S signages installed where appropriate.

Demolition: Complete strip out of the existing kitchen and bathroom, including base units, service pipework, radiators, wall tiling, windows & doors with frames, lintels, outbuilding, kitchen’s internal walls. Partial demolition of the external rear wall and a strip out of the roof and its associated cladding to provide an opening into the proposed extension.

Drainage: Removed all existing interconnected sanitary sewer systems, constructed new rain drainage, sewage systems with inspection chambers.

Construction of the foundations and platforms (for the extension): The trench foundation was excavated and poured with concrete, solid floor was constructed in accordance with the council’s plan specifications

External and Internal walls: New cavity walls have been constructed and bonded to the walls of the bathroom and kitchen. A U-shaped steel beam was installed to enlarge the doorway to the wet room, bedroom 2, and kitchen. Proposed Wet room/kitchen/bedroom/hall walls constructed of wood studs and mineral wool insulation

Roof: The flat roof was constructed using Sika damp-proofing technology Per SIKA specifications, with a 20-year insurance-backed warranty that includes downspouts and gutters

Windows & Doors: New UPVC windows and internal timber doors were installed with all other associated jobs

Electric work: Our certified electricians have completed a full rewire of the property, including the installation of new lighting and outlets, consumer unit, switches as per the specification’s requirements.

Plumbing/heating: Installed new gas piping, repositioned the existing combi boiler, supplied and installed new radiators in the kitchen.

Kitchen and Bathroom units: Installed new kitchen, and bathroom units including a wheelchair-accessible toilet

Decoration: Carried out interior tiling, plastering and decoration including woodwork

Access Ramp: Built new access ramp with handrails in front of the main door

Drive: Before tarmac work, we excavated the ground to 300mm below the surface, completed curbing, protection, layering then installed block paving and sandstone sets and finally carried out tarmacing work



The entire project was completed with the approval of building control and the Ashfield District Council, and it was successful in every way

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