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Our managed workspace business, RequireAplace provides quality managed workspace to the growing number of small businesses in England and Wales. We offer a range of office, workshop and studio units to small businesses looking to grow in an entrepreneurial environment.

Our aim is to provide a series of entrepreneurial communities that encourage businesses to network, thrive and support each other. Our five centres in Crawley and Horsham, in Sussex and Earlsfield, Islington and  Clapham in London,  offer a variety of unit sizes to suit your business. 

Our terms are flexible and affordable allowing your business to grow and plan for the future. All our centres are close to excellent public transport links and blend high quality space in a well-managed environment.

Managed workspace is a type of commercial property that is fully serviced and managed by British Builders. It typically includes a range of different office spaces, such as private offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and other facilities, that are rented out to businesses on a flexible, short-term basis.

Managed workspaces offer a range of benefits to businesses


Flexibility - businesses can rent space for short periods of time, allowing them to easily scale up or down as their needs change.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness - managed workspaces often include a range of services and amenities, such as furniture, internet access, utilities, and cleaning, which can be more cost-effective than setting up and managing a traditional office space.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities - shared spaces can provide opportunities for businesses to connect and collaborate with other tenants in the same building.


Professionalism - managed workspaces are typically designed to be modern, professional, and well-equipped, providing businesses with a high-quality work environment without the need for significant capital investment.

Managed workspace - builders renovation conversions

We are flexible, whatever the future holds.

Every office space we deliver is available on flexible terms. So you can add more space as you grow, or even move location if that’s where your journey takes you.

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