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Gender Pay Gap Report

24 British Builders group is committed to improving pay quality in all areas of our business. This report highlights our gender pay gap, which is taken seriously by BBG. The pay data is for all UK employees which is based on all previous records and as specified by the UK regulations.

BBG Demographics

Total Headcount

BBG Mean & Median Gender Pay Gap

       Hourly Pay                                                       Mean : 30.58%                                                         Median : 19.20%

       Bonus                                                               Mean : 64.51%                                                         Median : 70.90%

       Hourly Pay
                                        Mean : 30.58%
                                        Median : 19.20%

                                        Mean : 64.51%
                                        Median : 70.90%

24 British Builders


Gender Pay Gap Report

Proportion of Men & Women According to Quartile Pay Bands

Proportion of Men & Women Receiving a Bonus Payment

The bonus data is the actual bonus payments for employees made in the BBG’s previous payment records  and in line with the UK regulations.  The bonus calculations are based on perfomance bonuses, divisional bonuses and commission payments and are not FTE adjusted. 
Since the first gender pay gap report was created as a group, we have seen a positive movement around our mean gender pay gap, which in the previous publication was 43.59%; this has reduced to 31.05% recently and has reduced further to 30.58% evidently. This shows a continued positive movement for the group to now have reduced its gender pay by 13.01% and shows the business continues to take steps in the right direction.
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