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(Wolverhampton refurbishment works)



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Marsh Lane Parade, Wolverhampton, WV10 6BF, 

KMP building management

Connor Murphy

Ian Wilkinson

Lee Burke

43 Days



Location:Marsh Lane Parade, Wolverhampton, WV10 6BF

Client:KMP building management

Project Manager: Connor Murphy

Site Manager: Ian Wilkinson

H & S Consultant: Lee Burke

Delivery Programme Period: 43 Days

Contract Value:£67,000

Project Number: PRO-4723

Wolverhampton Refurbishment works of the canopy project Wolverhampton

Client feedback

“On behalf of the freeholders and the stores’ leaseholders, we are pleased with the work that British Builders has completed throughout and we confirm that it was completed to a high standard.”

The Challenge:

British Builders has been awarded the contract to replace the commercial flat roof and the entire canopy roof.  During the site visit to inspect the required work and acquire the necessary measurements, our site survey inspector confirmed that the 56-meter-long timber canopy of the store and its supporting structures were in poor condition. In addition, the left corner commercial stores of the building were affected by the persistent roof leaks, as evidenced by crumbling paint and mould growth. Therefore, it was decided to replace the damaged 56-meter-long wooden canopy and the approximately 120 square metres of the flat roof whilst maintaining the roof’s original appearance.


The Solution:

Utilizing bituminous roofing material was the most suitable option both practically and economically. It is a proven roofing material that possesses beneficial operational features and is long-lasting. The durability and longevity of bitumen membrane roofing systems are two of the material’s most notable characteristics. They are ideally suited for use in the construction of residential and commercial structures, respectively.

The Execution following the approval of the materials and our project method statements by the client and following liaising with the store leaseholders for access, the project was launched and put into action.

Flat Roof replacement: We used K5K capping sheet. We torch-applied SBS elastomeric bitumen capping sheet with spun-bond polyester reinforcement to enable the finished product to withstand structural movement without cracking and a mineral finish to provide UV degradation protection.

We used the bituminous self-adhesive SBS elastomeric bitumen underlayer with “DUO” lap technology to assure complete sealing of lap joints at lower temperatures.

We used flat Board PIR Insulation boards:With aluminium foil facing on both sides. It has zero ozone depletion potential and is lightweight.

The 120 square metres of flat roof was fully rebuilt.

Canopy roof: After installing the flat roof, our construction team completely removed the old wooden canopy roof and installed a new 56-meter-long timber canopy, followed by painting and the installation of new signage. Their store lessees were responsible for providing signs.


The Completion:

Following the replacement of the flat roof and canopy, our inspectors returned to inspect the work and confirmed that the roof is watertight. The new canopy is solidly installed, and the painting work is satisfactory.

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