Woodsford Square, London, Refurbishment

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(London Woodsford Square)



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Woodsford Square, London, W14 8DJ

Beactive building management

Jessica Lingard

Azzam Hakim

Pawel Szewczuk

Lee Trust

52 Days



Location:Woodford Square, London,W14 8DJ

Client:Be Active building management

Project Manager: Jessica Lingard

Architect: Azzam Hakim

Site Supervisor: Pawel Szewczuk

Building Services Consultant: Lee Trust

Delivery Programme Period: 52 Days

Contract Value: £122, 660

Project Number: PRO-5443

Remedial work Kensington - bathroom

Client feedback

We trusted the British Builders group from the start to do incredible work and they never once let us down throughout the entire project, and we are enchanted with the result in terms of taking a toll, program and quality, and the extended travel was a pleasure.

The Challenge:

Refurbishment of three storey building, roof replacement, windows replacement, communal areas rewiring and fire alarm new system installation. 

Project Overview: The client is the management company for a three-story structure in a prominent London location. According to the block management company, the building required renovation to make it more appealing to prospective tenants and to comply with the most recent health and safety regulations.

The building in general was showing obvious major signs of wear and tear. The windows were old and drafty, the flat roof was leaking, and the carpets were worn out. In addition, the building was not equipped with a modern fire alarm system, and the corridors required rewiring.  The client needed to engage experienced builders to undertake this project. Our site surveyors have conducted a thorough assessment of the building and formulated a plan to upgrade the property to a high standard.


The Solution:

The project scope included the following tasks:

The initial aspect of the undertaking involved replacing the old windows with new double-glazed PVC windows. The replacement windows increased the property’s energy efficiency and pollution reduction while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The second phase consisted of completely replacing the original flat roof with a new flat roof. The new roof was fully insulated and watertight, providing optimal protection against weather elements.

The third phase consisted of removing the existing carpets and replacing them with new heavy-duty vinyl flooring. The new flooring was a long-lasting, low-maintenance, high-quality option that would last up to twenty years.

The fourth phase consisted of installing a new fire alarm system throughout the building’s communal areas and on each landing, along with emergency lighting. Our fire system installers installed a system that adhered to the most recent health and safety standards. This was a significant improvement that enhanced the property’s fire safety and ensured the protection of the occupants.

Rewiring corridors: The fifth phase involved rewiring the entire building’s communal areas, including the corridors. This required the replacement of outdated cables and wiring, as well as the installation of new electrical outlets and lighting. Our electricians ensured that all electrical work was performed to NICEIC safety standards and to a high standard.


The Completion:

The renovation project was completed on schedule and within budget constraints. According to our client, the outcome was satisfactory, and the client was extremely pleased. Renovating the property to a high standard enhanced its visual appearance and efficiency. According to our client, the improvement to the building’s exterior has helped attract more tenants and lessees.

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